In 2010 Krista initiated the Run for Change. This was born out of a passion and concern for the youth in Pembroke with whom she was connected, through her work in the community. She saw the need to raise money to find ways to get teens off the couch and moving!

Sadly in 2012 Krista lost her life tragically, while living in Ottawa, as she was finishing her Masters of Social work.

Her family felt it was important to continue Krista’s legacy, promoting healthy active lifestyles among youth. To do so, beginning June of 2013, the Run for Change became the Krista Johnson Memorial Run for Change.

Over time with support from the annual fundraising Run, the Elevate Youth Wellness Centre was born. This Centre provides a fully equipped and supervised fitness studio, yoga, healthy cooking classes and a girls group, “Live it Up”.

However, 2020 and 2021 have been challenging times. Without the ability to hold our annual Run over the last 2 years, Krista’s brother, Brad recognized the urgency to fundraise and decided to run from his home in Ottawa, to Riverside Park in Pembroke. The support and fundraising through the community was amazing, and allowed our programming to continue over those years.

It’s been so amazing to see the community come together, move and support the programming through Elevate Youth Wellness Studio.

All funds raised from this annual race go directly to the Elevate Youth Wellness Centre.